join a team, stay accountable,
achieve your goal

sometimes just saying you'll do it isn't enough.

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of pilot participants completed their goals
of participants felt more confident in their ability to complete their goals
of participants said ANTE helped them complete their goals

ambitious? You've come to the right place.

find motivation to acheive your hardest goals with the 3 Cs of consistency:


studies show people are 76% more likely to complete their goals in communities

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create challenges just for you and your friends and family

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see an activity feed with participant's daily entries for added motivation and support

ready to join a community?


putting cash on the line increases the odds of completing your goal by 50%

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ANTE handles payments between family and friends who want to challenge each other

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any lost wagers are distributed as a prize to participants that completed the challenge.

ready to put your cash on the line?


challenge your friends to be better than they thought possible

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research suggests that healthy competition has a direct positive effect on performance

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comment on posts, and see what your friends are doing to work towards their goals

ready to compete with your friends?


Join a team, stay accountable, achieve your goal.

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Lauren P.

My experience with Ante was amazing! I loved having not only people to keep me accountable, but a money incentive as well! It was so fun to do this with a group and sending in a photo really helped as well. After the challenge was over, I am much better at working out than before the challenge!

harlie k.

I had so much fun doing Ante. Of course it was hard and some days I felt very unmotivated to work out but knowing that my friends were working out and I'd be the only one to text and say I give up. I was not ready to give up. Ante was a reminder that I can do things with the support of friends around me

sam b.

Can't think of a better way to either stay consistent or start working out than Ante. When you've got something on the line it keeps you going.

the ante team


Dylan Allen

Project Manager

Dylan is a Computer Science student at BYU. He loves skiing, working out, and finding fun new restaurants.


Francis habash

Software Engineer

Francis is a Computer Science student at BYU and is from Bethlehem. He likes playing soccer and pingpong, travelling,and food.


Grace Law

ux/ui design

Grace is studying UX/UI Design at BYU. She likes going to art museums and trying new foods.


zach daniels

software engineer/marketing

Zach is at BYU studying for his Masters of Information Systems. He enjoys skiing, live music, and indie youtube documentaries.